Papers in preparation for publication

  • Bagarić Medve, Vesna; Pavičić Takač, Višnja: The relationship between cohesion and coherence: Evidence from the analysis of FL texts.
  • Bagarić Medve, Vesna; Pon, Leonard: The non-native text coherence analysis: A method proposal.
  • Berlengi, Vedrana; Bagarić Medve, Vesna: Factors influencing the (in)coherence in foreign language texts.
  • Cimer, Sanja; Sabo, Milica: Writing strategies in FL: Case study of Croatian and German.
  • Ivić, Vlatka: Essay assessment of Croatian speakers in English and their mother tongue.
  • Karlak, Manuela; Bagarić Medve, Vesna: Argumentative writing in L2 German and L1 Croatian: The use of transition markers.
  • Karlak, Manuela; Bagarić Medve, Vesna: Interactive metadiscursive elements in the texts of non-native students of German.
  • Molnar, Draženka; Cimer, Sanja: A case study into EFL students’ writing strategies.
  • Molnar, Draženka; Ivić, Vlatka: Coherence in EFL learners’ texts and educational policy.
  • Šarić Šokčević, Ivana; Berlengi, Vedrana; Bagarić Medve, Vesna: Investigating Discourse Functions of Personal Pronouns in Foreign Language Learners’ Argumentative Texts.
  • Truck-Biljan, Ninočka: The qualitative and quantitative analysis of teachers´ interviews: text coherence and classroom writing assessment from the perspective of teachers of five foreign languages.
  • Truck-Biljan, Ninočka; Molnar, Draženka: The teachers’ conceptualisation of text coherence: implications for classroom writing assessment.
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